Wonder Pencil


“Conquers the 3 most important make up deeds in just one product:
Reverse Lip Liner, Eye Lightener, Spot Concealer”

I recently came across the Wonder Pencil at Shoppers Drugmart as I was browsing the cosmetic section and it caught my eye for some reason. When I read the instructions I thought it sounded interesting and I was sold!

The pencil can be used three different ways: to cover up spots/blemishes; as a reverse lip liner or as an eye lightener.

I have been using it if I don’t want to wear lipstick. It is amazing to use as a lipliner as it matches your skin tone to give a natural look. It actually makes your lips look more defined and fuller. It can also be used as an eyeliner if you want to brighten your eyes or make them appear bigger. I totally love this product – especially if I am just in the mood for a natural look!

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