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Challenges With Living The New Normal

Dress: Fashion Nova (similar here)
Purse: Saint Laurent (similar here)
Flip Flops: Tory Burch (here) & (here)
Sunglasses: Salvatore Ferragamo (here) & (here)
Face Mask: (here) & (here)

Hello October! Where did Summer go?! 😩 This past few months have been hell for me…this whole pandemic thing has taken it’s toll on me and my health. I had thought with this new normal life that we are living in, that my health would improve especially working from home every day. I thought there would be less stress since I wouldn’t have to wake up so early to get ready for work, rushing around to make sure I have my snacks/lunch together and rushing out the door would be less stress and I would have more energy. Well that didn’t happen for me…I have been dealing with a lot anxiety which is resulting in fatigue, headaches from time to time, nausea, feeling shaking and there are some mornings I would wake up with a bit of shortness of breath then when I get up it goes away. My anxiety has been so bad this year, I have been worrying about COVID19 because I have a compromised immune system. Plus this past summer was too hot, and it’s hard for me to avoid the sun which I need to avoid because they say it causes lupus flare ups🤷🏻‍♀️ I only went outside between 4 to 7pm and still get exposed to the sun. So of course I get paranoid thinking what if my lupus came back or what if I caught COVID19 especially with the way I’ve been feeling. The struggle is real and this is such a scary time for me and for all of us. I thought I would share this because I am sure there is someone out there may be going through this and struggling with anxiety. I don’t take anything for anxiety…I usually lie down to sleep it off or do something around the house which helps the anxiety to go away. Everyone deals with anxiety differently and what works for them.

I’ve been a bit behind with blogging summer stuff that I wanted to share since I was so busy with the Nordstrom Anniversary sales and took a break from blogging. These black tank dresses can transition into fall when paired with a leather jacket or a cardigan. This type of dress is so easy to find and you can get it anywhere. It’s affordable and very flattering! I’ve linked up these tank dresses from different sites on and some cute animal print masks to spice up your look while living this new normal. 

Do you know someone or yourself who struggles with bad anxiety and how do or they you deal with it?

Top Shoes Trending for Fall 2020!

Heyyy everyone! This is the last week of the Anniversary Sale is open to the public to shop then prices goes back up on August 31st! I have rounded up some dressy and casual shoes but mostly casual especially flats. I think with this new normal we’re living in a lot of us are dress more casual and wearing flats more than heels especially if we are not going out as much or working in an office but don’t let that stop you from purchasing a pair of dressy shoes. If you see one that you really like and you just have to get it! I say go for it! 

Wowww! These snake skin slip in sneakers are the bomb! I would love to have one for myself to wear with a pair of leggings and a sweater for fall! That would make a chic casual comfy outfit to wear out doing errands! It comes in other colours and patterns as well.

These slip in mules is super classic! It is very popular this year and I have been seeing bloggers wearing them on Instagram. At first I didn’t like them because I thought it was too boring and conservative looking until I saw how other bloggers wear them and how they styled it…it looks so amazing! You can wear them with a pair of skinny jeans to dress up the causal look if you are going shopping to mall to be comfortable and you can even wear them to work if you don’t like wearing heels all the time, perfect shoes for work! It comes in black and animal print as well!

I have always been a big fan of Jessica Simpson’s shoes! I find they are at an affordable price and they are in great quality! I love this simple nude heels and it looks super sexy with the buckle around the ankles. It would look great with a dress or even skinny jeans or dress pants! It comes in other colours as well!

I heard great things about these slip on wedge mules they are super comfy.  I can only imagine how great they are to wear in the  fall  to keep your toes warm especially if you want to hold off wearing socks with ankle booties little longer till it gets super cold! lol These are a must have if you are looking for something like this!

I must say these wedge pumps are a must have for work! It comes in black as well and they are comfy to wear if you want to give it a break from wearing heels. These wedges have more foot support!

Take a look at the shoes I have rounded up and if you see something you like, act fast because they do sell out quickly during this sale! I always find that everyone wants what I like and it ends up getting picked over from my experience lol. So I always have to act fast if I really really want it and need it because you just never know if it will be back in stock or if you would ever find a good deal again. Happy shopping and let me know if you have any questions! xo 

Top Handbags & Wallets Trending for Fall 2020!

Happy Tuesday Ladies! How is the shopping going? Anniversary sale will be open to the Public starting tomorrow on the 19th and ends on August 30th the prices will go back up on the 31st. Still lots of time to shop! 

So I have rounded up some cute bags and wallets that are trending for Fall/Winter of 2020. Looks like a lot of crossbody bags are so in….especially the snake skin patterns is trending this year! 

Sooo……I must say this black and white snake skin crossbody is TRENDING and I love this style! This crossbody looks perfect with all black or white or even grey tones will work! It’s such a great size you can fit a lot into this bag not to mention it is so affordable and it is something I would get for myself…what to do? So many choices!!

To those who are a big fan of Tory Burch like myself, I must say this is a great cross body and great size to wear for going out. I love this rustic brown and it never gets old. Definitely a great colour for the fall! It comes in black as well!

This Tory Burch handbag continues to be popular again this year. It is such a classic bag works well with any outfit. …plus it’s a roomy purse you can’t leave home without! It comes in rustic brown as well. If you are in a need for a bigger handbag be sure to grab this one!

To those who are in a need for a new wallet and looking for a good one then I must say this Kate Spade is the one to go and even Tory Burch has a similar style. I am in a need for a new wallet myself especially I had my Michael Kors for 6 years now and it is annoying me already lol So my next one will be either Kate Spade or Tory Burch in this style. I like it better because it zips all the way around and it has a lot of compartments people looks more organized. My sister gave  my Mom a black Kate Spade for Mother’s Day and she loves this type of wallet! Be sure to grab it while it’s still on sale:)

Take a look at the bags and wallets I rounded up…not many selections this year but I only rounded up the best items that are popular this year! Hope you find what you need! xo

Top Sweaters & Cardigans Trending for Fall 2020!

Hello again!

Just wanted to share with you the tops/sweaters/cardigans that are trending for Fall/Winter 2020 that I was browsing through and rounded up just for you to shop!

This Barefoot Dream Cardigan continues to be popular and I am just obsessed with it! I love the soft fabric and the cozy vibes to it. Plus, they have so many variety of colours….it’s so hard to decide which colour to get.  Do I just get them all?? 🤔 This cardigan is selling fast!

THIS ONE here is trending like crazy and selling so quickly! Every year there is always a leopard print cardigan and they sell out so quick! I love this one because it looks so fierce and the fabric is soft! It is by the Barefoot Dream brand as well. I wish they would have more in stock but unfortunately they only restock when someone returns it. 🙁

I must say this crisscross sweater with the puff sleeves is so pretty and it looks so classy! It comes in different colours as well. It would be perfect for an office job with a pair of dress pants or a skirt. You can even wear this with a pair of jeans. It can be dressed  up or dress it down. 

This animal print sweater reminds me of what I have from Express and it would look great with a pair of faux leather leggings by Spanx brand or with a pair of skinny jeans. If you like the loose fitting sweater, be sure to grab this one!

I love this off shoulder sweater and always have loved off shoulder tops. I find it so sexy showing off your shoulders and this one comes in multiple colours as well. Knowing me I would go with the black! lol Black would be super HOT to wear tucked in with a pair of skinny jeans for a casual dinner date or a girl’s get together!

Thank you for shopping with me by using my links at no extra cost to you. I only make a small commission from these retailers and it helps me to keep my blog running. Also it just helps you to shop quicker when you use my links and it directs you to the site for you to make a purchase quicker. Happy shopping and let me know if you have any questions! xo

Top Activewear Trending for 2020!

Here I am again!

I am so hooked on posting items from this anniversary sale….. since I have a lot of time on my hands! Ever since this pandemic started I have been living in my activewear but I am in need for more especially working from home. So I rounded up some cool activewear for you ladies to shop! 🙂

OH MY! These leggings are to die for totally my style!  Ladies you might like this style too! I love the v waistband and it would look super hot with a crop top along with a pair of black Nike or Adidas sneakers! Definitely a must have for me! 

This Wubby Fleece pullover continues to be popular again and again! I tried them on last year but never bought it because I ended up buying something else. I would love to get this one but it would be either the Barefoot Dream cardigan or this. I can’t buy everything and breaking the bank which is not my thing. lol It comes in a creamy colour with an animal print pockets which looks so cute!

These  Alo leggings continue to be popular again but comes in a different colour every year. I have a pair from last year and it’s a mauve colour. I love them for the summer and love the Moto style look.

Okay this leggings from Free People caught my eye! It’s so different! I love the details and the waistband. This looks like a denim fabric and I just thought it is so cool! It comes in an olive colour.

These black Adidas sneakers continues to be popular every year and I already have a pair from 2018. Still loving them! I wear them when I go out to do errands or going for walks. They give your wardrobe more of a put together look when going out shopping especially black! They don’t disappoint! 🙂 

Be sure to check everything out and only buy what you need or don’t have. Happy shopping ladies! xo

Top Outerwear Trending for Fall 2020!

Heyyy ladies! I hope you’re enjoying shopping this Anniversary sale and you’re able to get your items especially they sell out so quick!

I was browsing through the latest styles for Fall/Winter jackets..just to see what will be the HOTTEST style for this upcoming season. I rounded up a variety of awesome coats and jackets with a variety of styles that you ladies will love!

Wow…this houndstooth jacket is super striking! I would consider this as a classy piece, it may fade for a time only to strike out of your closet. It would look AMAZING with an all black outfit! 

I loveee this grey faux fur jacket and how fierce it looks! It looks great in all black which you can’t go wrong with…and of course it can be worn with a pair of dark skinny jeans….a pair of sexy heels and there you go heading out on a dinner date night!

This camel wool trench coat is so classic! I don’t think this type of coat and colour would ever get old! It looks amazing with an all black outfit and perfect for work! It is definitely a must have! Notice how that black outfit just goes with everything and anything! Lol

Wow… I just love this winter white teddy coat! I don’t see many winter whites out there and wish there was more of it! This looks so soft and cozy to wear for late fall heading into winter. I would consider this coat more of a casual look with a pair of jeans but you can dress it up or down however you wish to wear it! 

Take a look at all the jackets/coats I rounded up for you to shop on

If you are interested in purchasing click through the photos and it will redirect you to Nordstrom site. Hope you find what you are looking for! Xo

Top Booties & Boots Trending for Fall 2020!

Heyyy friends! I must say this Anniversary Sale is a bit different than the ones in past times…I’ve noticed there is not a lot of variety/selections this year which is understandable at a time like this…. I am not sure if many people are shopping this year but I thought I would still round up some exciting new Fall items for those who really want to shop! 🙂 Just to let you know that a lot of the items are selling so quick….to the point that your size may no longer be available! But keep on checking and if your lucky your size might still be available!  Also I was told that once the items are “out of stock” they don’t restock unless the items are returned. If you still have the items on your wishlist and it says no longer available in this size, don’t remove it off your wishlist. Keep checking because you never know it could be back in stock if returned.

Soooo now onto these Fall booties! I’ve rounded up some awesome Fall booties and boots that will be trending for this Fall! A lot of netural colours are obviously trending this year!

Oh my! I am just obsessed with these black booties! I am dying for them because I like the heels and it’s more of a casual look to wear with a pair of jeans! I wish I was out shopping trying on these booties and other items but it is not happening!


These Vince Camuto booties is a hit! I love the style of this one, the shape of the heel and the point in the toe area. I also love the colour as I mentioned that neutrals are trending for this fall! Definitely a must have!

Okayyy….these snake skin booties are gonna be a hit for this Fall!!  This is the perfect black and white snake skin print….you can wear it with a pair of black/white pants or skinny jeans even grey works well!

These open toe booties are great for early Fall or even Spring!  I have a few pairs of open toe booties that I wear in the Spring and Fall…they are a must have! Toes don’t get that cold! lol 😂 

Take a look at the booties that I rounded up on and let me know which ones are your faves! 


Knit Crop Peplum Top

Top: Shein (here) & (here)
Jeans: Levi’s (here)
Shoes: Steve Madden (here) & (here)
Sunglasses: Salvatore Ferragamo (here)
Purse: Ali Express
Necklace: The Styled Collection (here)

Heyyy friends! Hope you all are having a great week! It’s my week off from working from home. I wanted to share with you my new knit crop peplum top (here) that I purchased from Shein a few months ago. It comes lavender (here) as well. This top is only like $16 and you can’t go wrong with that price! I love how cute this style is and how it can be worn with a pair of jeans, high waisted leggings, shorts or a skirt. It’s something l didn’t have in my closet and it was a must have for me! 

Lastly, these clear slip on heels (here) I purchased from Steve Madden a few months ago. They were $100 and on sale for $69 and I just had to buy them since I had my eye on these shoes since last year! I love how versatile these shoes are – they go with anything! These shoes were a must have for me because if I were to go away on a trip and wanted to bring something dressy for an evening out, I would be bringing these shoes instead of over packing a few pairs of heels with different colours. They feel comfortable on me and I am wearing a size 8 1/2 since they do run small. I ordered them online and I checked the sizing chart, measured my feet and luckily they fit perfect when I got them! Be sure to grab a pair if you are into that style and I’ve linked up a couple pairs on 

That’s about it for now until next time! ❤️

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