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Splashes of Tie Dye

Heyyy! Hope everyone is having a fabulous summer 🙂 I’ve noticed this year is looking a bit more normal since 2020. My summer has been good, was able to go on a little family get away to Blue Mountain for a few days. It sure felt good to have a change of scenery…it was definitely a good time!

I have been able to visit my close friends and relatives which is nice. I find that summer is the best time to do the things you want to do before  fall/winter rolls around.  We don’t know what Fall &  covid will be like so enjoy these days! 

I wanted to share with you my maxi dress with a splash of tie dye that I purchased last year from Fashion Nova. These pics were taken last summer and I didn’t get a chance to post…since a lot was going on last year. 

I love tie dye, I used to have t shirts, sweatshirt and leggings that were in a tie dye pattern back in the early 90’s and was so happy when  they made a come back! I definitely need to get a tie dye swimsuit….lol

I found more of these strapless tie dyed maxi dress on another website called Shein which is linkable with … it has a variety of colours. So be sure to check it out! 

Are you ladies a big fan of tie dye? 

Swimsuits 2022

Summer has finally arrived and I hope everyone is keeping cool on these  hot days!

I wanted to share some of my fave animal print swimwear that I’ve rounded up which are really quite popular  now. My fave animal print  is snake skin!

I just had to get this strapless one piece since I always seem to wear bikini’s. I am starting to think bikini’s are getting overrated…at least for me lol. Personally, I find  that one piece swimsuits are super sexy and striking! 

I purchased this swimsuit from Zaful two years ago. I never had a chance to post these photos of me wearing it back in 2020 ! They actually still have this one piece (here) so be sure to check it out.  I’m loving the laced up details on the back of the swimsuit which can be adjusted,   plus removable pads. 

I also linked up various animal print one piece and two piece on 

Are you ladies team one piece or team two piece?

Joggers + Bodysuit

Heyyy beauties! I know it has been awhile since I’ve posted anything on here. I am finding this whole pandemic thing has made me lose motivation with blogging especially with being at home all the time in my sweat pants and sweatshirts. It has gotten me into a bit of a rut. Some days I wear make up, but most of the time I don’t when I am at home unless I have a zoom meeting for work. Plus this has been a long cold brutal winter here in Canada and it’s still cold/damp now that its the start of May:( I am looking forward to warm sunny days to feel more motivated and enjoy outdoors. 

I know I always say that I am going to try to do more of blogging in the New Year and I never ended up doing it. I have been backing away from blogging and focusing on other stuff. I will save that for next time in my next post. Of course I will still post here and there occasionally whenever I am up for some fun with my new outfit ideas to share with you ladies.

So here is my new outfit style I wear at home…Joggers with a body suit which has been trending these days! I must say they are super comfy and a nice little break from wearing leggings for a change.

So now I owe two pairs of joggers and probably will get 2 more joggers in a different style. I think I am already getting obsessed! :S I have been seeing on Instagram or even on websites how women are styling their joggers, it is no longer the boring traditional look with just a sweatshirt. 

You can style it with a body suit paired with cool sneakers and even throw on a baseball cap. Also you can even pull up your joggers to wear as  Capri’s with a crop top for the summer and throw on with a sweat jacket. That whole look would definitely make a cute chic outfit and be comfy at the same time if you are out running around all day. You can’t go wrong with being comfy and looking stylish!

What do you ladies think of this joggers with a bodysuit trend?

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