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Here comes July! Wow, I just can’t believe it’s July already. It feels like forever that this pandemic has been going on. I haven’t really felt motivated with blogging these days…I don’t know if it’s because of this pandemic and not being in a routine with going to work, gym and doing normal things I was doing before the pandemic. I have been working from home for 2 months now.  I am liking it because I don’t have to get up extra early, making sure I have my lunches/snacks together and rushing out to beat the traffic. I don’t miss those mornings at all and just enjoying this new normal for now. Some days I have my moments that I feel bored at home, I really miss the gym because I hate working out at home. I miss seeing people and having some social contact. The only people I have social contact with are my mom, sister and bro in law which are my inner circle…so I have been hanging out at my mom’s backyard and swimming in her pool, doing water exercises. I haven’t seen any of my girlfriends or my relatives. We all are taking COVID19 seriously and this virus is extremely contagious, some have it worse than others and are never the same after catching the virus from what I’ve read up on articles. It’s scary shit and it’s no joke! I know at some point when things get back to normal and workplaces reopen I would probably feel ready, but I may have a hard time getting back to the old routine but I am hoping it will be different. I also have been dealing with fatigue again, allergies have been bad this year for me and anxiety has been kicking in. So sometimes I get so paranoid about COVID19 and constantly washing my hands after being out or touching something like mail, gas pumps and bank machines. I don’t know if maybe the anxiety is taking the best of me because I worry a lot about this virus because I have a compromised immune system and hear horror stories of people who have a compromised immune system catching COVID19. I try not to think too much about it and do something to get my mind off of it. 

Moving onto another subject…I have rounded up a variety of comfy jumpsuits to wear at home or out doing errands. Some are more pricey than others but usually the pricey ones are better quality. I have ordered cheaper black jumpsuits similar to this one last summer but had to return it because the fabric was too thin where you can see through in the butt area.  I know a lot of us have not been dressing up and just wearing comfy clothes. This jumpsuit I am wearing is super comfy and not see through which is a bonus! I purchased this through Vici back in January because they sell out quickly if you wait too long. Head over to my if you are looking for comfy jumpsuits! 

Happy shopping and stay safe as always! Xo

Light Weight Spring Sweater

Sweater: Design Lab (Hudson Bay) (here)
Jeans: Levi’s (Similar here)
Booties: Vince Camuto (Similar here) & (Similar here)
Purse: Saint Laurent (here) & (Similar here)
Sunglasses: Salvatore Ferragamo (here)

So it’s been awhile since I have posted here! I’ve been taking a long break with blogging during this quarantine since I can’t really go out to do photoshoots so hopefully soon I can! Haven’t really shopped much lately for clothes, only a few things to wear at home! So loungewear has been my trend lately lol. l have been focusing on more beauty stuff and self care, so I will do some posts on that. 

Now onto my outfit details…these photos were taken this past fall and I never had a chance to post these. So here l am posting it now that I have more time to myself…I know this isn’t a spring or summer outfit post…this year the weather has been cold, it actually snowed a couple of times this month! So I have been wearing my winter clothes and coats for half of this month and now the weather has finally warmed up! I thought I would share with you this light weight sweater by Design Lab (here) which is carried by the Hudson’s  Bay department store. I purchased this sweater last summer when they were closing Home Outfitters and had tons of clothes from Hudson’s Bay on sale. I actually got this sweater for $8! How crazy is that?! It was definitely a good bargain and I bought a couple of sweaters for a similar price! It was just an awesome time to shop then!  I think this sweater is perfect to wear for spring on chilly days!

So I was surprised that I came across this exact same sweater on Hudson’s Bay website. It comes in 3 different colours and the price is pretty affordable. I linked it up on 

That’s about it for now till next time! Hope you all are staying safe and healthy! Xo 

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