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How To Get The Hair You’ve Always Wanted


Are you one of many girls that loves long, luxurious hair but just weren’t born with it? Have you looked into human hair extensions and cringed at the price? My go to hair accessory is my human hair clip-in extensions. I’m sure some of you have found that these too can be pricey, but you have to do your research and shop around!


My Review Of Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky Eyeshadow & Dirty Works Eye Concelar


Hey everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend! I thought I would write up a review on the new products that I bought awhile ago for my Birthday. I was eyeing the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eyeshadow palette for a long time as they had all the dark colours I like for the perfect smoky look! As I mentioned in my previous blog about the Naked2 Eyeshadow palette, they are perfect to take when traveling as it has everything in one set! And not to mention – it’s a total space saver in your make-up bag! I recommend taking two sets of the to go eye shadow to travel, it’s less stressful combing through your bag and easier to find! Not only are the colours great, but the quality is what I really love about them. They blend so great together and really give you that perfect smokey eye look. I am so hooked on these to go eyeshadow sets already!


As for the Dirty Works eye concealer – I got this as a gift for my Birthday and thought it looked interesting to try! I totally love this eye concelar and it sure does cover up your dark circles real good! It looks so flawless and smooth especially when applying powder on after. It saves me more work from photoshopping my photos for my blogs by using this concelar! I would definitely stick with this eye concelar and this is great for most people with really dark circles. Give it a try and you will notice the difference! It’s a must have! ❤️


Not So Perfect Lips Become Perfect


As I sat down to write this blog post, I couldn’t help but think how excited I was to tell this story. I’m sure by the title, “Not So Perfect Lips Become Perfect” you might be wondering what I mean. I think everyone has something about themselves that they feel insecure about or wish they could change. For me – it’s my lips. I was born with a small cleft lip and had surgery when I was two months old, but the outcome wasn’t perfect. I was left with a deep “dent” mark on my right upper lip caused by crying and the muscle tissue stretched.
It was a bit of struggle growing up with a cleft lip. People would stare at me like there was something wrong with how I look and would ask what happened to my lip. It was tough as a child growing up as I was being bullied by kids and told that I was ugly. I grew more self-conscious about it in my teens, where I wouldn’t be caught dead going out without having lipstick on! I used a lip liner, to outline my lips to even them out. I had to draw over my natural lip line to make it look even and a little fuller, back then I always wore dark lipstick for the longest time to make the dent and scar less noticeable. It was frustrating at times as I had to take my time drawing my lips with the lip liner to make it look perfect and there would be times that I would have a “bad lip” day just like a “bad hair” day where they wouldn’t turn out and I had to re do it again.

I was always into beauty and fashion when I was growing up and went for modeling auditions, but unfortunately I didn’t have much luck and always thought it was because of my cleft lip. It is really sad that we live in a world that we feel we have to look a certain way to be accepted by others. I would feel that I wasn’t pretty because of my cleft lip. It took some time, but I considered myself as “my own kind of beautiful” which makes me more of a unique person. I always kept that saying “be your own kind of beautiful” and “be different” in the back of my mind because it is the truth and really, it’s so much better to be unique!

Back in the days, I visited a few plastic surgeons to see if they could fix my lip or perhaps use a filler. Unfortunately, I was told by these plastic surgeons that they were unable to inject it with a filler because the scar tissue I have would cause it to look uneven and it wouldn’t work, so the only option was to do surgery. One of them told me that they would have to cut the left side of my upper lip to move some of the muscle tissue over to my right side to fill in that dent but I was told that there was no guarantee that it would look better and that you won’t know until after the surgery. I was just too scared to take that risk and I didn’t want it to look worse so I decided to leave it alone and just learn to live with it – by wearing lipstick all the time!
As I got into my 30’s I thought it was time to revisit with a really good plastic surgeon that would maybe do lip injections instead of a surgery to correct my cleft lip. My Mom had discovered the site, Real Self – where people would post reviews on doctors and treatments they received. There was a girl from the States with a cleft lip that had a “repair” done by injections and it totally looked amazing! I was so amazed with the before and after, it gave me hope that I could get the perfect lips I’ve been wanting.

A year ago, I found Dr. Cory Torgerson on the Real Self website. He is a plastic surgeon located in Yorkville in downtown Toronto. I went for a consultation and after looking at my lips he told me that he was able to do the injections for me instead of surgery – as the surgery would leave more of a scar. At my consultation, he said he could do the injections right then and there, but I was nervous and needed more time to think about it. I contemplated coming back another day to have it done, but after talking with Dr. Torgerson I felt very confident and had a good feeling about the whole experience so I decided to go ahead and have it done right there and then! I have to say it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be – I didn’t feel any pain when he injected my lips. (Thanks for the numbing gel) After I had it done, I had a look at my lips in the mirror and I was amazed at how much better they looked! I know my lips will never look 100% perfect, but I can’t complain as it looks so much better than before I had them injected. I was so happy with the outcome – I took lots of photos to compare before and after. You can really see the difference and it looks so much better!


I recently had my lips injected again by Dr. Torgerson as it was a year since my first procedure. Depending on the area being injected , Teosyal can last 6-18 months and results are immediately visible. I wanted to maintain the shape and they look amazing! It has totally changed my self-esteem and I don’t feel self-conscious  as I did before. It’s made me feel like a new person in some ways – I now feel free to go out without lipstick. Some people may have concerns about these injections and if there are risks – Teosyal is Europe’s number one dermal filler. It’s 100% non-animal origin, biodegradable hyaluronic acid based dermal filler. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in our skin, it acts like sponge and retains large quantities of water to keep the skin soft and plump. Teosyal is the purest filler on the market resulting in less swelling and natural results. It also has a cumulative effect, so less product is required for touch up sessions.


I highly recommend Dr. Torgerson if you are considering lip injections. He is Toronto’s leading Cosmetic Surgeon and dermal filler expert. He is very warm ,friendly and makes you feel at ease . I am truly grateful for Dr. Cory Torgerson and I wouldn’t go to anyone else but him!

I hope my blog has inspired everyone……there is always hope….but remember-What makes you different, makes you beautiful! 💋


Batiste For Brunettes


You may remember in my previous blog “No time to wash your hair” that I mentioned this dry shampoo – Batiste.I mentioned that a must when using it is to ensure you shake it up so it doesn’t leave a white residue showing on your head. Brunettes I found our solution – they have one specifically for darker hair colours.


I prefer using this one as the spray blends in with your dark hair colour and it even covers up some grey which is a bonus! The other one is better suited for people with lighter hair (blonde or grey). I have been hooked on using this product and will continue on purchasing it. Like I mentioned before you can buy them at Winners or Marshalls since it is cheaper, but they do sell them at drugstores as well. Give them a try! :)

My Review on Naked2 To Go Eyeshadow And Anastasia Beverly Hills Products…

Hi everyone! I recently stopped by Sephora this weekend to treat myself to a few new goodies that I have been wanting to try out! I have been eyeing this Naked2 to go eyeshadow set and they were the colours that I normally use so I had to grab it! It is perfect for traveling since it has everything in one set and saves room when packing. I will definitely be getting another Naked eyeshadow set that has colours for a smokey eye look ! I’m already hooked!



As for the Anastasia Beverly Hills products – I’ve seen how great it is through Instagram posts and I have been dying to try her products. I bought a concealer and lipgloss. Wow is right! I loved the concealer – it makes my skin look flawless and more of a photoshop look which is perfect for photoshoots so you don’t have to spend a lot of time photoshopping your photos. As for the lip gloss – I have to say this is one the best lipgloss I ever tried! It is so nice and creamy and lasts longer on your lips. Plus it smells so nice – almost like chocolate or vanilla:) I do plan on trying more of Anastasia of Beverly Hills products next time I stop by Sephora!


I got the tattoo eyeliner for free when I purchased my make up goodies and I totally love it! The eyeliner goes on nicely and it’s easy to apply it! Overall these products are pricey but worth the money as it really is good quality.

Hope my reviews have inspired you to try something new! :)

Wonder Pencil


“Conquers the 3 most important make up deeds in just one product:
Reverse Lip Liner, Eye Lightener, Spot Concealer”

I recently came across the Wonder Pencil at Shoppers Drugmart as I was browsing the cosmetic section and it caught my eye for some reason. When I read the instructions I thought it sounded interesting and I was sold!

The pencil can be used three different ways: to cover up spots/blemishes; as a reverse lip liner or as an eye lightener.

I have been using it if I don’t want to wear lipstick. It is amazing to use as a lipliner as it matches your skin tone to give a natural look. It actually makes your lips look more defined and fuller. It can also be used as an eyeliner if you want to brighten your eyes or make them appear bigger. I totally love this product – especially if I am just in the mood for a natural look!

I Love My Glow…

I recently tried the Vasanti microdermbrassion exfoliator and I totally love this amazing product! A good friend of mine has been using it for quite a while and recommend that I try it since I suffer from extreme dry skin. I only use this product twice a week to exfoliate my face to give it that fresh glow look. It makes a huge difference to my complexion and feels like I have new fresh looking skin. I love the glow that it gives off especially when I apply make up afterwards. The final look is flawless!

imageHere’s how to use this product:
Wet your face first then apply the Vasanti Microdermabrassion by gently rubbing it all over your face and then wash off with water. Pat your face dry and apply moisturizer afterwards. Only use once or twice a week depending on how dry your skin is. Also if you have some scars on your face due to breakouts, you will notice they will become invisible from exfoliating the dead skin cells and regenerate new skin.

If you ladies suffer from dry skin, I recommend this product – it will change your life!!! 

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