Activewear Trending In 2019 From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!


Hey beauties! I thought I would share with you what I have purchased from the Anniversary sale.  I may want to purchase a few more things but it will probably be activewear.


So these Alo yoga leggings (here)  that I tried on I just fell in love with them! I love how they fit and the high waisted band which gives off a slimmer look on your waist. I just love the moto style details on these yoga pants. This colour is lavender and I was amazed how good it looks on my figure because I am very picky about light coloured leggings. I find that light colours make my thighs look wider depending on the brand of yoga leggings. I was amazed how slimming they were so I just had to get them! I am wearing a size medium because they are made smaller. These leggings can be worn to the gym or out doing errands if you just like the sporty look to be comfy and stylish! They come in a few other colours…a lot are sold out though :(



As for this Zella sweatshirt (here) , I purchased it along with my yoga leggings because l don’t really have a sweatshirt. I thought it would be perfect to wear with these leggings on a chilly fall day and it’s so light and comfy that you can wear a tank top underneath it if you want to take the sweatshirt off. Now I am just missing a light pair of sneakers to wear with my new yoga outfit. I need something to flow with this entire outfit…thinking of a pair of light grey Nike sneakers or Adidas.



Okay about these grey leggings! They’re by Alo (here) as well and I just fell in love with them on me but I didn’t purchase them because they not part of the Anniversary sale…bummer! :( They were $140 I would have felt guilty spending over $300 on all three items. I had a spending limit that day. So I will be keeping these leggings in mind because I loved them on me and they come in black as well. I was wearing a size large because they are made really small and they didn’t have a medium for me to try on to compare.

So my next purchases I would like is this Alo cover tank (here) and this Zella sports bra (here) to wear with my new leggings then I’m all set! 😉 and I still need to find a pair of light sneakers that I love but I have a price limit in mind. I don’t like spending over $100 on a pair of sneakers especially if I can find them for $50-$79 at the outlets. It’s all about savings and budget for me.

I’ve rounded up a bunch of activewear for you all to shop through LIKEtoKNOW.IT if you are in need for new workout outfits to keep you motivated this is the best time to shop!

Did you have any specific items in mind this year?

7 Comments on Activewear Trending In 2019 From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

  1. Carolyn
    August 3, 2019 at 1:44 pm (8 months ago)

    I don’t wear a lot of activewear, but the pieces here look really comfy. Not to mention cute as well!

  2. Kristen
    August 4, 2019 at 10:01 pm (8 months ago)

    The color of those leggings make me want like 100 pairs. I have to grab these.

    • Helena Marz
      August 5, 2019 at 6:37 pm (8 months ago)

      Haha! I know what you mean especially if you just love the style and fit of these leggings would make you want every colour! I love them ❤️

  3. Nataly
    August 4, 2019 at 11:26 pm (8 months ago)

    Those moto leggings are my favorite purchase from the sale! They are so cute.

    • Helena Marz
      August 5, 2019 at 6:36 pm (8 months ago)

      Me too! I love them and they come in other nice colours as well

    • Helena Marz
      August 8, 2019 at 8:09 pm (8 months ago)

      I know these leggings can be addicting! I only have two pairs one in solid black and other is moto style in black as well. I agree they are super comfy and so chic! :)


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